An autumn day out – hiking through the Grand Canyon de Verdon

There are several walks in the gorge.  The Gorge is a splendid place, especially in the quiet season.This is one of our favourite walks – the Sentier de l’Imbut.  It is not a walk for the faint-hearted.

Half past 7 – early visit to the boulangerie for breakfast bread and some pizza or fougasse for lunch

Half past 8 – make your picnic, get all your hiking gear together including the guide to this walk (essential) at Les Cantalus (walking boots essential plus plenty of water, and whatever else you’d take for a day’s walking in, say, the Peak District. It’s best to leave your dog behind however.)

9 o’clock – on the road, and drive via Aiguines to the Auberge de Cavaliers on the rive gauche of the Gorge.  Stop frequently on the Gorge road after Aiguines to enjoy the view.

10 o’clock – park at the Auberge de Cavaliers, and descend the path to the bottom of the Gorge.

11 o’clock – reach the bottom of the Gorge and the River Verdon.  Turn left (west, downstream) and follow the path, past cliffs, pools, rock formations, caves and along cornices.

1 o’clock – picnic at the Imbut – a chaos of rocks blocking the canyon

2 o’clock – retrace your steps for 15 minutes or so and take the Sortie Vidal exit, a steep path with steps cut into the cliff face and occasional ladders.

3 o’clock – reach the road, turn left and walk back to the Auberge des Cavaliers and the car.

4 o’clock – go bungee jumping at the Pont de l’Artuby perhaps.

Then wend your way home either back via Aiguines, or onward through Comps and over the Camp de Canjuers, picking up some goats cheese on the way at La Pastourelle farm on the turn-off for Chateaudouble.  Dinner with your goats cheese and some of Lindsay Phillips' wine.


The view from the sky